I am beginning the process of building my own guitar and have all the materials chosen out ready to be purchased but I ended up with one question.

Should I build my own neck or buy one off a website like Warmoth? ( I want the guitar to sound good )

Here is what you may need to know about the guitar:
Locking Tremolo System
Glue On (planning to, but I would be ok with a mount)
Compounded Fingerboard (~10-16'') -- I would buy this with fretslots
24 Frets

My worries about building my own:
I mess up the truss rod/some other part resulting is unsolvable fret buzz.
Headstock angle
So much other stuff I could mess up on that would ruin the sound of the entire guitar.

Thanks for the advice

Edit: And yes, I have never built one before
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my opinion if you've never done it before, just buy one, it is a lot of work, fretwork, measurements etc.
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Necks are a helluva lot more detailed than the body. Make your body, but the neck. If you are really determined to be a luthier; build it. But you say you wanted it to be good...buy one.
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I think buying a pre-slotted fretboard would save a lot of the headaches - you could try building it and go that route instead of doing it ALL yourself the first time.

Stewmac sells them for like... 20 bucks or so - dont know the quality but I'd assume decent based on their reputation.
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Maybe you could get a luthier to build you one and ask if you can watch and get him to run it through so you'll know how to do it for next time?
Alright thanks for the advice, its not official but I think I am going to build my own, with a pre-slotted, compounded fretboard