Had an artistic explosion in my brain a few minutes ago. The metaphor in this song describes more of a love/hate relationship, but you can probably see what I'm implying. I would like to thank Marilyn Manson for putting me in the mood to write this. Enjoy!

Your stealthy intent, can't throw me off your scent.
You can crawl and fool them all, but you just can't shake me off.

I'm quick to the kill.
I'll cater to your thrill
I'd stake you out then
I'd do it all again

Ka-Pow! Ka-Pow! Don't you need it now?
A narcicistic, suicidal reason to live?
Ka-Pow! Ka-Pow! Click, Click, Blow!
Come here, baby. Let me find my clip.

So now the hunt begins, and I break through your defense.
Your wasted hopes and dreams, for your wasted apertif.

I'm steppin' to the plate.
You can't pretend it's fake.
Your stalling just won't help,
As I hurl you into hell.

Ka-Pow! Ka-Pow! Leavin' a gunsmoke cloud!
Another piece of evidence to make you mine.
Ka-Pow! Ka-Pow! Click, Click, Blow!
Reload me, baby. I'm your automatic carbine.

Falling through the void, where are your precious toys?
I'm sure it's warm enough, for your fiery lack of trust.

Goddamn you from the throne.
Step down, you're all alone.
Shudder as I take the cut.
Cause I just don't give a f***.

Ka-Pow! Ka-Pow! Can't you hear that sound?
This ain't just target practice, this is f***in' war.
Ka-Pow! Ka-Pow! Click, Click, Blow!
Tell me, Baby. Who you gunnin' for?

Ka-Pow! Ka-Pow! Who you gunnin' for?
Ka-Pow! Ka-pow! Ka-, Ka-, Ka-...