I lerk here and have just decided to make an account. I'm a beggining writer and I see some here like to share their short stories. I'm currently working on a short story and I need your opinions on a concept I came up with.

The outline of the story is a psychologist that is obsessed with human nature.

What really interest him the most is how beliefs shape a persons life and how deep convictions/beliefs go. He surrounds himself and befriends people he believes to have deep convictions. One day he snaps and decides to devise an expeirment.

He kidnaps his 'friends' and pits them in an expeirment where they will have to choose between their lives or their principals.

Either they kill someone else or they lose their life.

My question is what prospective should I write from? One of the people in the expeirment or the psychologist? Also what do you think of this basic concept?
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If it's going to be a short story I would say only write from one person's perspective, and in this case it should be the pyschologist. But this seems tough in a short story format, since you would want to include the agony of the 'kidnappees' thought process, in choosing who should die.
I personally would think of a very specific character or an actor that I would want to play my lead, the pyschologist, think of his voice, his emotions, how he combs his hair, does he drink, or smoke, is he a coke addict, and go from there. But I don't know. . . it's your story.