Well, I got myself two sweet deals today:

She's a Jackson KE3. Got her for $900. I know, I should have cleaned the prints off of it. :p Now, I've always wanted a Jackson Kelly, and now I finally have one. They're a lot different than Dinky's and Soloist's. I love the feel, and everything. It's differs from a Rhodes. I like that its comfortable to play while sitting. It has seymour duncan JB and Jazz pups in her, and a floyd. Kinda tricky to set up a floyd but these jackson trem's are wonderful. I put 12's on her and put her in drop C. :p She sounds amazing for other stuff too though. I really reccomend this guitar, it's really nice and sturdy. But make sure you learn about floyd's first.

Now this may surprise you;

It's a Squier Jaguar. I know, I know, *Insert Squier Insult*. I really wanted to try something different, that I could play some Foo Fighters, Nirvana, stuff like that on it and it sound really nice. She has Duncan pup's, a hardtail bridge, and just sounds pretty ****ing amazing for a squier. I tried it out because of the Duncan's, and it only being 350$. I was looking for a Jackson when I found her. This guitar, plays amazingly well for the price and is very well worth the money. I've had expensive guitars, etc, but this stands up there with them. I really reccommend if rock or punk rock is your thing. This thing bite pretty hard, and looks awesome.. I'm quite the Kurt Cobain fan, so it appealed to me. If only I had a Jagstang.

Overall, both guitars are amazing, and I have nothing bad to say about them.
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Woah, wait... Squier makes lefty jaguars? Or are you just messin?

Haha, my webcam flips the orientation. Haha, sorry bro.
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meh you could have gotten the KE3 for a better price....but whatever HNGD!!!

oh and Squire actually makes some really good guitars for the money

I jewed him down from 900 to 600..
Nice finds dude.
Those new vintage modified jags and jazzmasters are very appealing.