im planning on buy one of these


i want a LP but i can't afford Gibsonz and i didn't really care for any of Epiphones Lps

I like their LP Custom but its just a tad out of my price range

not going used, does anybody own this guitar?
I own an al 2000 that never gets played. It's a good guitar though. deffinately on par with upscale epis. I would think the 3100 is on par with low end to standard gibsons, although when you find a Gibson that just has "it", which is not often to me, they're among the best guitars out there in any price range.
People around here generally have a pretty high opinion of Agile guitars. Anyway, why not buy used?
I've owned and played the letter agile model the AL2000 and it was a very very nice guitar after I swapped out the pickups. It was set up really well and my only gripe was that it was pretty heavy. I would first look for a used Gibson LP Studio if you can find one in the $500 range which some have. If you are completely against buying used the Agile would be a nice buy.
I'm definitely buying one this summer, I might even go custom with the specs through Kurt. Agiles are awesome, definitely on par with the good Epis and a lot of the Gibson Studios. I'd go for it.
I have a 2000 and a 3100. They are both good guitars. I noticed less flaws on my 3100 than any Gibson I've picked up recently. Due to the thick poly coating though the Agiles seem to feel a little more "plasticy". Still great guitars. Play great, sound great, great fit and finish. No complaints other than the pickups in the 2000 were kind of weak so they got swapped out.
I'll sell you my White Epi LP custom for $600, its upp'ed with EMGs and I still have the original pickups. Just bought an EMG equipped LTD so I really don't play it...

EDIT: Also, the song "fat bottom girls' was written about Agile LP's haha
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Solid guitars, I used to own one and personally I preferred it to the lower end Gibson LPs I played (could be I only ever played lemons though). I find they sit on your leg a little weird.