Exactly what it says in the title, I'm looking for the best metal guitars in that price range. So far I've been looking at the ESP LTD MH-350FR, Ibanez RG1570, Charvel So-Cal 1 2H and a couple of others, but those are the main ones. Can anyone suggest to me any others worth looking at?

Also, I'd rather them to be a super strat/SG shape because i keep breaking cables on my Rhoads :L

BC Rich Jr V Icon (Pat O'Brien of Cannibal Corpse) Around $850 Australian from ebay.
Or perhaps a Dean MAB for a superstrat style. Around $1000 Australian also from ebay.
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Gibson Explorer '76 reissue.
Höhner llx100g
Gibson explorer
crappy stagg acoustic
Roland dac80d
marshall jcm 900 sl-x 2500
marshall 1960A
ehx metal-muff
jimmy hendrix wah
Pretty much any Prestige Ibanez. Especially if you're into shredding.
Or as the two above me said, Gibson Explorer '76 reissue for less shred, more chugga chugga.

More detail is needed for a better response.
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Any BC rich from ebay.com with Neck-Through construction and original floyd rose. Can't go wrong usually around 800 bucks shipped to your door, Infact i ordered a Ironbird Pro on Friday.

Gibson Les Paul Traditional
Carvin V3 and Marhall 1960A cab
2 B.C. Rich Ironbird Pro
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Boss ML-2

What do you actually want? What kind of necks do you like? What's your amp? What sort of pickups and controls do you want?
I want a guitar thats good for shred and also has a good sound
I like thinner necks, dont mind about the fretboard
I prefer trem bridges
I use a Marshall MG102FX with a Boss Metal Zone pedal, but use a Roland Cube 15X for practicing
Pickups, i dont mind as long as they have good sound. I tried EMGs the other day for the first time and loved them but I also like Dimarzios.
Dont mind about the controls.
inb4 new/better amp PLEASE!

but seriously, the MG's gotta go. along with that pedal.
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MG + metal zone

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7) ???
8) Profit!

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Gibson Explorer '76 reissue.

That's disgusting. He said metal.

Seriously, Try an ESP MH-1000. Ebay it. Absolutely perfect guitar.
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settle on the charvel So-cal.
i guess you'll take the pro-mod series which are made in japan.
i've played that series and liked them. myself at home i have a 2009 production model out of USA and they're really much alike.
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That's disgusting. He said metal.

Seriously, Try an ESP MH-1000. Ebay it. Absolutely perfect guitar.
This. MH-1000s are like . Also equipped with an FR-1000 and EMG 81/85 set IIRC.

EDIT: Yep, and available in Quilted Blue/Black or Gloss White, for $800 USD.

I would suggest Agile if you were in North America, but since you're not I'd say ESP is the way to go.
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a good sound
Define "A good sound". What one person calls good another calls crap. Also define "shred" because there's a ton of different takes on what "shred" really is.

I use a Marshall MG102FX with a Boss Metal Zone pedal, but use a Roland Cube 15X for practicing
That is pretty much the most perfectly stereotypical bad, bad metal set up. Don't use EMGs with that. In fact high output pickups of any kind are going to be a waste since you're not using anything tube. In fact I'd go so far as to say that no matter what you run through that it's going to end up sounding more or less the same. Unless you're willing to change your amp first, and possibly ditch the pedal too, it's not going to make much difference whether you're running a Prestige Ibanez or a Squier HSS Strat. MG with a Metal Zone is going to make everything sound the same.

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That's disgusting. He said metal.

What the hell? Explorers are pretty much the standard metal guitar. Almost every metal album you've ever heard will have had an Explorer or Explorer copy used on it somewhere. In fact the vast majority of the albums that we now consider to be classic metal and the cornerstones of the genre were recorded using little more than Explorers and the occasional Les Paul.
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