Helloo! Im Jonathan, and I guess Im an intermediate player. The most recent stuff Ive learnt (pretty well) is stuff like Nightmare by A7X (inc. solo) just to get the idea.

But now this guy Tom Hess (written articles on UG) says everyone should create a schedule and keep a log of your practises.
I have no idea where to start from, I guess I should have some straight forward exercises to keep track of, but nowadays my exercises arent that straight forward.

So, are any of you keeping logs and schedules and see that it actually helps? And examples please if you do.

thanks in advance!
I keep a file of pretty much all exercises and drills that I do. And I keep progress notes on them whenever I hit that exercise.

I also have a main practice log which helps me keep track of the big picture.

I find all that very helpful in staying organized, remembering what I did, and also things that come up during a session that I want to note for next session.... problem areas, what was improved, what was not etc.

You don't have to go crazy, but I find the more I keep up with the logs... the easier it is to have good continuity from session to session, especially if there's more than a day or two since the last session.