I'm 22 years old and I am looking for a drummer, guitars, bass guitar.
I don't really care about age as it's difficult enough finding people. I don't even care if you just started playing.

I play guitar and sing.

I want to put together an alternative band along the likes of what Nick Cave and Tex Perkins have been up to in their careers.
I also like a lot of Leonard Cohen, Jonny Cash, Muddy Waters, Ledbelly, and quite a lot of folk music new and old.

Need some open minded people who whether you have experience or not, believe they can put on a good live show too. I'm quite happy to write the music just need people to play it for me, this can even be a side project for you.

I'm looking for a punk/blues kind of vibe.
Here's a link to a song I recorded a week ago.

Ask questions here in the forum so I can answer them for everyone.
PM me if you're interested.

Thanks guys

- Beau