hi guys

i was v busy with school so i practice guitar 1 hours evry day and i think that it sucks

... any ways i'm in a holliday for 15 days and i want to make it 3 h evry day and i

want to do the next ...

learning 5 new songs cuz i didn't learn any song for about a mounth

learn all the shapes of the major scale and the minor pentatonic and trying to play

over backing tracks using them ..

training my legato playing cuz i suck in legato ><

and practice my inside picking

learning at least 2 new sweep shapes

and i want to understand intervals perfectly and maybe modes ....

practicing some fast down strokes

the last thing is that i want to learn all the notes on my fret board what do u think ? ?

and if u wanna add somthing tell me

and srry for my bad english ><
Quite a lot of goals for just 15 days. I can say beforehand that you won't be able to master all of that after you holiday. It's good that you set goals, but set them at one at a time. For example: Don't learn "all" major scale shapes, but learn 1 at a time. Also it will benefit you greatly not to learn "shapes" but to learn the notes on the fretboard. I think this is a must for every guitarist.

Good luck!
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plz plz plz plz give me a backing track in the key of G major the one that u started with