Im kinda new so im sorry if this thread has been done before
Ive been playing guitar for a few years now, and have been playing in Drop B for... almost the entire time really
anyway i dont like the feel of 6 string guitars anymore the neck is just to annoying
i want to go to 7 strings, they feel a lot more comfortable to me
but the other guitarist in my band wants to stay 6 strings
i was thinking is there any tuning where i can keep Drop b but with one extra string
a few ideas ive heard are keep the low B the same and tune everything up so its Drop B with an extra high string, BF#BEG#C#(all shall perish) (i think the G# may be lowerd to a G with them)
Tune it so the lowest 4 strings are F#BF#BEG#C# F#
or have to low b's so it would be BBF#BEG#C#

Opinions? or any other ideas would be appreciated
I would add a low F#.
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Quote by RDSElite
low to high: B - E - A - D - G - B - E

Wouldnt be preferable
The riffs we play it would be a pain in the ass having to drop my hand back to hit real powerchords isntead of drop tuned powerchords
^ I agree, I was fortunate enough in the last years of my band playing we had picked up another guy that played 7 string, it was insane. The Bass player had to buy a 5 string bass :P. But it is possible to play if the six stringer tunes down to you, unless your playing deftones style F# then his strings might just fall off :0
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