I'm looking at buying a new Scratchplate for my Fender Stratocaster but are they all the same size...? I done a photoshop thing of the guitar and colour i couldn't get it to fit perfectly so are there different sizes that I should be wary of?

What I have is a Mexican Standard Strat in Lake Placid Blue. It's my first Fender and I got it yesterday from a shop on Denmark Street in London. YAY!

Thanks in advance.

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in short, yes.

if it's a modern std. strat then yes you can

www.axesrus.com is a site you should look at.

i always buy my parts from there

i was looking into a tortoiseshell pickguard to replace the mint white one on my classic player 60's strat, but it's got 60's layout so they don't do that =[ but a standard strat they WILL do.
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