Hey, picked this amp up yesterday from mikeb2817

I don't really know much about the amp other than its an all tube amp made by stinger, which have been taken over by Desalvo.

You've probs seen this on here before but in case you haven't the tubes are 2 el34, 2 12ax7 1 bh7

The amp really does have a marshal voicing on the drive channel, and the clean has can either have some bite or be really smooth.

I picked this up for £150 including 4 switch footswitch. Tubes have been ugraded to Electro Harmoixs and the speaker to a celestion greenback.

Now time for the pic's

Overall i've looking for a tube amp ever since I bought my MIA strat to complement the sound of the guitar and as soon as this popped up for such a low price I couldn't refuse. I just need to wait till band practice to crank it now!!

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i thought it looked a LOT like a marshall, without the marshall logo.

nice vox too xD
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HNAD! Never heard of Stinger, but I think some of the best gear is the oddity stuff that no one's heard of but still sounds good.
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HNAD. I'm sensing a straight up Marshall clone? It looks exactly like a 900 combo. That's what I thought it was at first.

HNAD again!

EDIT: JCM2000 401. Not a 900.

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glad you like it mate, i found it to be fantastic
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that has the exact same control layout as a ashton viper 50. are the companies related?

Reminds me oh-so-very-much of my Randall. Layout's the exact same (minus the dual footswitch; my Randall's only got the 1 midi-style switch), down to the bias point (and it even is the same).
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Quote by wryan89
that has the exact same control layout as a ashton viper 50. are the companies related?

Probably using the same OEM