Sooo I finally finished off the final track for the album I'm working on, and to make viewing it a little more interesting I made a quick video with scenes from the movie Alien to go with it:


It's still a demo recording, some of the playing is sloppy and it's missing vocals. I'd mainly like to hear opinions of the structure, build-up and composition in general, I'm well aware of the recording and mixing issues it has.

Crit 4 crit as always, and be sure to watch the video in fullscreen for full awesomeness.
That was pretty awesome!
I like the whole mood of the song. the composition is really good, though you have to listen to it with having vocals in mind else it gets a bit boring after a while.
would love to hear it with vocals, that would be an awesome song, i'm pretty sure of that.

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Thanks for the feedback on my song.

I like it. The riff around 2:20 is a little bit repetitive but it may not seem as repetitive with vocals. I love the part around 3:30. The ending is pretty cool as well. I'd really like to hear this with some vocals. Good song overall.
I liked the intro, I have a feeling it would've gotten boring had I not been watching the video (if you put vocals over this, I think ominous whispering would make this part sound awesome). The rest of it I tried to imagine vocals over to make it less repetitive, and all I could really hear was screaming, which I'm not a huge fan of. Spacey sounds at the end were a plus, I liked those. I think if I liked the vocal style (I could be wrong about that part, btw), I ould like this song once it's finished.

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