I bought a cheap PJ-bass, made in china etc. Body and neck are great, pots and wiring are fine, but the pickups are crap. So I thought if I would replace them with a EMGHZ passive kit, because they are pretty cheap here. But can I solder them to the pots or do I need to replace the complete wiring/ electrics for the EMG system? I've done a lot of soldering and modding on my guitars so I know what I'm doing.
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EMG-HZ? You ain't from around here, are ya boy? HZ aren't good enough to spend money on, they're ok as stock though. Why not get a set of real EMGs with the quick-connect stuff?
Or like get a set of passives that don't sound like bloated arse. Just because the pickups have a certain brand name on them doesn't make them good.
Plus normally EMG stuff will come with everything you need to install them and have them up and running.
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No i'm not from here, and i know but it is a 120 euro bass guitar so and the replacement pickups are only 80 euro. Isn't worth spending 150 euro for a EMG kit with quick connect. Besides that isn't answering my question!
EMG HZ don't use the quick ocnnect system that the good ones do, you know, the ones that are worth having, you would just solder them to the existing pots. Just because good pickups would cost more than the bass doesn't mean you have to buy crap instead. Maybe look at Wizard pickups, they'll make a far superior set for less.
you can get better pickups for the same price. HZs are not worth putting into a bass.
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Get better pups those HZ's are bland on steriods.
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