hey guys, heres a song a friend of mine wrote and I did the engineering/mixing side of things. I was given paramore and evanescence as a guides/references. I think I did a pretty solid job getting close to that 'in your face' drum sound.


what are your thoughts? any tips, or feedback regarding this track?
Vocals a bit (and I mean a Bit) lower volume and a bit of/more reverb.
Lead guitar also needs some reverb. Sounding more distant and mysterious.

Would make them fit in the mix better.

Love the song. Great vocals and music.
But I don't hear much paramore in it. Which from my point of view is good, lol.
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thanks for the tips, I felt like I was lacking in delay/reverb but I do tend to go overboard at times with it! The guitar definitely needed it but I wasn't sure.

that paramore angle was more for the drum sound.