Hi guys.

Yeah so I just broke the E on my jazz clone. I'm no expert but given the thickness of said string and the tension on a bass neck I'm assuming this isn't very common? So first thing's first, do I need to loosen the other strings? Since half the neck is surely now under much less tension than the other half?

Now the band I play bass in is very noisy. I tend to use a pick mostly and often a lot of fuzz, can't really describe our genre. The bass gets used probably on average half an hour a day, and every week or two gets gigged or practised with, and I hit the strings fairly hard by my standards (Though I'm not really that tough on my instruments by a lot of peoples' standards)

The strings will be a couple of years old at most, and for half that time weren't used at all (It was a mate's, he gave up learning and I bought it off him about 6/9 months back) The string broke near the bridge, and there don't appear to be any sharp bits around there. So my next question is should I be concerned that it broke? Or is it understandable for stock strings when the bass gets played quite hard? (Not sure what brand they are, they're nickel and roundwound and they don't have the colour coordinated ball ends so they're not d'addarios)

Finally what strings do you recommend to replace these with? With hindsight I guess I should be looking for something reasonably priced, big sounding and DURABLE :P

Thanks for reading
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Seeingas the strings are a couple years old andthere's no sharp bits anywhere on the bass, I'm guessing it just gave up the ghost and died from old age.

I'm going to suggest Stadium Elites strings, they're made by the Bass Centre in the UK and are pretty nice and cheap strings. They make nickel rounds or stainless steels if you wanna go a bit brighter.
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Cheers. Do you think I ought to loosen the other strings? Or should the neck be fine living with the difference in tension until I can get new strings?
It shouldn't damage anything if you left it as it is, the most you'd have to would maybe be a slight truss rod adjustment, but nothing major.
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