when i play my electric my shoulder never hurts. When i play my acoustic the back of my sholder is sore. I play a taylor dn3. WHy does it hurt and is there anything i can do? IM 33
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Seriously, we're unable to make medical diagnosis on the forum. We're just not doctors.
a rocker ain't a doctor

try to carry something else (the same way like the strap) if it doesn't hurt, then it might be from the strap!?!? i dont know dude, check a doctor.
Ur sholder hurtz cuz u cantz spell.

No, sorry, couldn't resist. It's probably because the acoustic is bigger in size and you have to stretch your arm above it more. Just stretch a bit more before and after playing and you should be fine.
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Quote by mrRICHARD911
a rocker ain't a doctor

try to carry something else (the same way like the strap) if it doesn't hurt, then it might be from the strap!?!? i dont know dude, check a doctor.

What about doctor rockso? And he's also a clown.
is it the shoulder on the same size as your strumming hand? if so, it's because the guitar is too deep/tall for you. there are lots of people with this problem, and it can get worse and lead to problems like tendonitis and torn rotator cuff.
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My shoulder hurt when I play guitars smaller than a dreadnaught. especially if I play slap style.

I think that your problem is either from the guitar beeing too big. but if you are over 1.70 it shouldn't be a problem. Or if you just started playing it is just the muscles in you shoulder that are not used to keeping the arm in that angle for extended periods of time.

either way i would recommend that you decrease your playing time and see if the pain persists. if it does, have it looked at by a doctor. If it goes away, well then it's gone. but i would really keep the guitar playing to like 15 minutes then take a short break. (NO DOCTOR HERE, though i had the same problem my self when i shifted to a dreadnaught guitar and it worked for me)
As Kasan and Patti say... If it's your picking arm then likely the guitar is a bit large and is causing over-stretching.
I have this problem myself, and have had to go to a smaller instrument. Of course, I'm 65...

Presuming you're younger and more flexible, you may be able to just adjust your playing position.
Try playing standing with a strap. This will allow the guitar to be a bit lower and allow more shoulder room.
Or... Try changing the angle of the instrument as it sits on your leg or moving it more toward the cutout area... Again to avoid having to wrap your arm over the biggest part of the guitar's body.
Since you say you can play an electric comfortably, I suspect this is the problem.
As has been mentioned, the guitar is too deep/big for you. It could be that you're just not use to it or like in my case, I have a previous shoulder injury that is aggravated by it. I can't play an "standard" acoustic more than 15 min without a lot of pain.

I got an acoustic/electric that's more shallow and can play without pain now.