I gave up guitar about 12 years ago because i couldnt take the frustration of being physically unable to hit certain bar cords, mainly the ones that require you to lay your index finger over all the strings, or most of them. I have skinny fingers and I think the lack of meat on them is what keeps me from getting them all pressed down. I would sometimes push it down with my middle finger but of course that limits you from using the middle finger with other cords or stretching your pinky further down. Ive tried wearing gloves, putting bandaids around my finger, etc.... If something does work, then im limited with doing other things. VERY FRUSTRATING! I cant be the only person with this problem! Has anyone created a device or something someone can wear to help with this?

I recently bought the pro-guitar for Rockband (yeah, I said Rockband, lol!) which has all the frets and strings and is very realistic as far as teaching guitar. Come to find i have the exact same problem with those cords on this thing also! I want to just scream! :-(
I'm not saying this for certain, but I think most if not all guitarists have gone through this learning curve. Barre chords are one of the hardest things to learn when starting guitar. I know it took me about a month to finally be able to play the F major barre chord in 1st position. But honestly, I do not believe that your fingers are disabling you from learning barre chords. You may want to try learning the barre chord on the fifth or third frets where the strings have more slack.
There's a lot of guitarists in the world, and while no two pairs of hands are exactly alike I would bet that there's a couple of hundred who can play bar chords perfectly with hands very much like yours.

Bar chords, and everything else, are simply a matter of practice. Take 10 minutes each day playing them while working on other things, there's plenty of songs that don't use them. It's only a matter of time until you get the right position for your hands and you have the strength to really clamp down across the neck.
Froggy's right. I've got the scrawniest fingers you've ever seen and it really is just practise to build up your strength. Best of luck!
Try rolling your index finger slightly on its side and also raising and lowering your thumb on the back of the neck. It doesn't really take much strength to play barre chords if you find a good angle with your joints helping to transfer the pressure from your hand.
thanx for all the tips, never been able to find anyone else who had the problem I had. I actually played pretty steady for 5 years before I couldnt deal with the problems anymore and gave it up. Ive tried rolling my index finger also which does help, but it prevents me from using my other fingers properly.

Im still determined to make something to wear that will help, may have to give another crack at it!
Depending on your playing style you could also try hooking your thumb onto the E string to play your barre chords, with your fingers taking care of the other notes. This is done by John Frusciante who also said he couldn't get the hang of barring traditionally. He plays pretty damn well too so it doesn't seem to have troubled his playing.
I have probably the skinniest fingers in existence and I can do bar chords just fine. It's all about finger strength and dexterity, not size.
I also have skinny small fingers. Try this....I have problems between my joints to get whatever string down enough for a clean note. I try to place the joints behind the strings I'm holding down with my other fingers. I'm still practicing that but it's working, I just need to get the muscle memory working.
It could also be your guitar. Some guitar necks are very thin and don't allow you to get good leverage. I also found that a longer scale length made it easier for me to simultaneously finger notes on adjacent strings. I would suggest going to a music store to see if it was easier doing barre chords on different guitars.

Ofcourse, it also takes a lot of practice. Try to find some slow songs that use barre chords and practice them every day.
I have that problem but I can play them (not perfectly, about 90% correctly.)
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Correct me if I am wrong but I was under the impression the strength comes from your forearm muscles, not the ligaments and tendons in your fingers.
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I have extremely skinny fingers and I have no problems with barre chords. Practice is key.
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try hooking your thumb onto the E string to play your barre chords, with your fingers taking care of the other notes.

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Indeedy. I think it's good to be comfortable playing barre chords both ways anyway. They each have their uses.