Damn man, your REALLY good! Loved it, and your Dunsel cover is sick as well if I haven't told you that already.

Seriously, amazing.
Sick tapping man! The only thing I really am not a fan of the the tone but that's cause I'm a blues guy. It's perfect for the song. Your very technical much better then me :p. Great job man!
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thx for your comment on my video
first of all....i just said 'this is f**king awesome' when the video starts
this is SUPERB man!
do more covers, seriously~
NICE!!! Gotta love tapping lol. Great mix and your playing was spot on!
Wow by C4C do u mean compliments 4 critique? Because there is absolutely nothing to critque, your an amazing player and the sound quality was very good, I could not detect any wrong notes and i watched it 3 times. Keep up the good work dude.
me playing malmsteem

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Great technique, very clean tapping and alternate picking. Couldn't see anything wrong with it.

Thanks for the critique in my thread.
Holy crap that intro was clean as a bell, really nice very fluid
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I never listened to Protest the Hero before ( had heared of them though), but this sounds really cool, especially the tapping.

(BTW, thanks for commenting on my Vai cover, as soon as I get my hands on a digital camera I will do a cover with video )
thats was very good. nice clean tapping no real timing mistake that i could see. really really good and perfect as far am im concerend
Thanks for your crit! Your playing is very good, can't wait until I reach your level of technical ability.
Damn, this seems complicated as hell, was never a huge fan of these guys, but the musicianship is amazing. Seems spot on, especially for an ear transcription, good job. I think I might have heard some bad notes around 2:20-2:30, unless that's just their harmonies, I don't know, but still, the solo section tone was very good.

Yes, poop.
Thats some fast slick and clean playing and to learn it rapid from ear is something i can't do...I doth my cap good sir. Tapping did it form me though dude.sweet.
Great cover! Very well played.

I wish I could play as tight as that.
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I was pretty much astounded when I saw you playing this. Sounds great. Good job.
Shit man that's killer! Tapping was flawless. Everything was so clean. Well done sir! Keep at it.