Hello everyone!

I was watching those synth guitar demonstrations on YouTube and thought they look/sound really fancy. I might be upgrading from my First Act soon, and I'll probably use it less, so... *title*

How would the "cheap-craft" of the (southpaw) First Act affect the SYNTH tone/sound? I read in the PUPS thread that the tone of a guitar depends on the wood it's made from (and Google'd how). But (not knowing how these pickups actually work) from Wiki

"...a converter that converts each of these analog wave forms to corresponding digital representations, from which it recognizes and extracts the fundamental frequency or pitch of each, which it then converts and outputs as electronic (usually MIDI-formatted) data.

This data can be stored or input directly to a synthesizer that generates corresponding notes that can be made audible when played through an amplifier and speaker."

If the pick up only receives signals/waves and has them converted through -another- device/converter, would good wood really be necessary? Even if the tones/sounds are selected from an AXOn/GR-55?

Is it like autotune with a crappy equipment?
Or is it like a video with low resolution that you try to convert or stretch and it just looks blurry? Or like how you can use different guitars on one amplifier with all the same settings/pickup and they still sound different?

Note: I'm not 100% decided that I'll be getting a pickup for my First Act; it's just a thought. The only reason I want the synth is for the synth (piano, violin, all the other weird stuff)

Thank you.
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The type of guitar shouldn't affect the synth sound at all. The synth just detects notes you're playing on the guitar, not the actual sound of the guitar.

I wouldn't put a GK pickup on a FirstAct though. But if you like the way it plays and think it won't fall to pieces, go for it.
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The guitar would have no effect on the sound as the gk is only sending a midi signal to your sound module. The sound module would control the quality of the sounds
@jecox ssssoooo ssweeeet that whole set up is so sweet. If I had any distortion/delay setup it would be the akai headrush and BM. Awesome set up.