Welcome to the first ever instalment of a brand-new program Allen and I set up two weeks ago.



In a private group, somewhere among the mysterious UG system, two fearless individuals hand-picked three pieces from the last month. Written by newbies (someone with less than eight threads posted in the last year), these all contained characteristics that demonstrated the writers as potentially excellent, with a great sense of form, technique, imagery, and emotion, all well-worthy of commendation.

Now, this is not simply another award ceremony to praise writers beyond necessity. This is UG's way of encouraging new writers to continue writing and posting, both here and elsewhere. We believe that new writers deserve credit and appreciation, because without it, most of us would be lost in a world of self-pity and lack of confidence.

We all need people to recognize our work as musicians; our progress sometimes depends on it. Writing lyrics, poetry, prose, anything - is no different. If you don't agree with that then you've forgotten what it was like to be new to writing, new to forums, or new to this form of expression.


Here are the three pieces selected from the last month that were considered to be worthy of mention above all else. Accompanying them are a number of brief reasons as to why, exactly, they were chosen:

-Our number one piece this week is from Cap'n Braid, who penned a floating, calming piece, employing a well-used but nonetheless wonderful metaphor that is still very relevant and thought-provoking today. Its captivating imagery clearly speaks to me as an incite into the world of drinking, not only as a negative thing but as a positive thing, something that opens us up to the potential for love and for adventure. That point inherently then says that we should not judge our natural blessings as quickly as we do.

The piece was also selected for its clear use of intertwining words. And because they were so simple - words that we use everyday - it seemed to make it that much more poignant and honest. The obvious talent the writer has is demonstrated mostly clearly in that description. Words and phrases that match as they do in this aren't written just by any old clown with a pen. This was thought-out and genuinely cared for.

The piece is aptly titled Port Scene.

Port Scene by Cap'n Braid

In a bar beside the port
rest sailors of all shades
who talk of all the loves they've lost
and all the lusts they've laid.
Strong spirits trapped in vessels
stumbling like a drunken sea
O, shunned by mother natures wrath
who they can never flee.
But me I sit here waiting
for a wind to send me down
along the coast, to see the host
of a bar in some new town.


-Our second piece this week is from a 23 year old girl, PcPdestiny (forgive us for not knowing your real name). It is not like anything else I've ever read on UG, and is very much unique to this writer, and clearly a tale of extreme heartbreak.

The way it flows is musical, but the word choices themselves are darkly comical, as if the writer had found an almost sadistic way in which to glamorize her past as a young girl against the backdrop of sexual exploitation.

The way it is written depicts an almost completely broken woman, unable to resist the sexual appetite of a man. The cross-pollination of lurid and "worldly" terminology, with beautiful and arousing phrases clearly makes this an interesting and heart-breaking read.

The woodworker metaphor remains a mystery to me personally, yet that does not deter me from considering this an absolutely fantastic read. It is entitled Sad Angel Leaning Against A Tombstone.

Sad Angel Leaning Against A Tombstone by PcPdestiny

The furnace was the safest place back then
C ock sores and lace on/or among them
My complex was constructed of woodwork and semen
I lie in the dark and fantasize carpentry

The vein covered shaft appeared to me flacid
There are countless ways of constructing a plywood barstool
She seemed distracted but had potential
The tootpaste backwash was the hardest of the fluids to swallow

The balls came at me from every direction
A wall of shame and foreigners half limp erections
Remembering the distant cries of my two miscarriages
The pimp pulls a gun... bang bang...alone

Back to the furnace, the safest place
All I need is food and a little water
Tahitian wool placed among the ashes of Gibraltar
Put me in the fire, I need to die

The dank smell of taint and Sicilian cologne
Masking the faint smell of lost dreams and ass
There is no God to save me
I can't even save yourself


-Our final piece this week belongs to Jordan89R, a young guy clearly interested and tuned-in to writing. Not only demonstrated by the way in which he writes poetry and lyrics, but also by the way he conducts himself on the forum and the way in which he critiques. In fact, two of his pieces were considered for this position. We felt that An Old Magazine was the better of the two.

The principle idea behind this poem / song is obviously personal. While that may be the case, the more you read it, the more you realise how similar it is to how you feel in life, how you are in life - or, how you should be. Balance is crucial, and this demonstrates that in a very fluid and un-mechanical way.

As quoted by JustRooster, it is indeed encapsulating and deserving of high praises. The motion and neutrality to the sentences and tone itself balances poetry perfectly, relating back to the core idea of balance. The writer named it An Old Magazine.

An Old Magazine by Jordan89R

Yeah, you've got a lot of ways
To get your point across
I've heard it before
You got your point across

Success and old fashions
I'm bringing what's left back
The old days wore out
Smoked and sold

He says "you owe me"
She says "for what?"
I won't get in between
This time I'll watch

An odd nostalgia
It can grab you
Throw you down a well
Climb back up and be blinded, by the sun

But that's where the fun is
Walking on the edge
Running if you're crazy
Some people are

I like to think I'm in the middle
Old & Modern
Keeping what's real
Scrapping the rest, til death

this is a great idea. oh, and the poems are great too. i'll definitely be looking out for these writers from here on
here, My Dear, here it is
I love this idea and how its put into motion. this was something I would have adored when I started posting here. also a great way to inject some sense of camaraderie and warm sentiment to a bit of a sour forum right now.
Fantastic! This is nice and fresh and new and exciting. Good work Dan and Allen, and same goes to the three who wrote those pieces.
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Thanks a lot. I'm really pleased you like the idea.

If you can, try and do more in the way of critiquing newbies or involving them more somehow.

I know you three are actually really good at it already, but if you have any suggestions for pieces, PM either Allen or I like you would for WotW.
I thought the second one was about masturbating(?)
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Quote by Trollscience
I thought the second one was about masturbating(?)
The writer herself actually says in her thread that it's about her past.

I PM'ed each of the writers telling them about this but haven't received anything back yet.
I know, right. All three are amazing.

I hope the continuation of this system will open us up to new writers, whether they stick around or not.
Second one really caught me off guard, At first the sheer bluntness almost puts you off, but as you read that characteristic makes it feel so real. Excellent writing.
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this is great, I agree with everything thats been said, and these are certainly exceptional pieces for new writers ( to the site anyway) Congrats to all of you. *Applause*