Hi guys. I don't know if it's just me being stupid, but I really can't make any sense of train timetables.
I'm going to see Children of Bodom on April 2nd in Manchester, coming from Grimsby Town station. The gig's at Academy 1, on Oxford Street, so I'll need to get the train to Oxford Street Station. I presume the gig'll finish around 11-ish.
I just need to know what time there'll be a train coming back from Oxford Street, Manchester to Grimsby Town station.

THanks in advance
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Well you look at the time beside the name of your station, that is the time it leaves.
The time beside the name of the station you want to go is the time you arrive.

If this time is earlier then you have made a mistake.

It's damn simple.

Also OP, I know you actually intend someone in the thread to find out the times for you, which we are all perfectly capable of doing, but I am not.
I am not doing it for the same reasons that I don't come around to your house every morning to tie your shoelaces.
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You had to remind me, I've been angry about Amon Amarth and Children of Bodom not coming to Newcastle for 5 months now..