Hey guys, I have ralised that my alternate picking whilst palm muting is pretty bad. Recently I realised I had to fix a lot of dodgy aspects of my picking hand, it has all gone great, apart from this.

When I analysed this closely I realised I was picking from the elbow, was playing pretty sloppy, and not in time. At times I was not even picking the string the correct amount of times.

I can down pick like crazy, earlier I was going through loads of Megadeth, Metallica and Anthrax riffs with down picking it and it was all going very awesome and fun. All riffs played clean, tight and in time.

But any thing with alternate picking, tremolo picking or galloping whilst palm muted was awful, and some times just was not happening at all.

So I have decided I need to go right back to square one to fix this.

I can alternate pick great with out the palm muting, like for solos and stuff. I do this with my palm wresting lightly n the lower strings near the bridge.

So to summerize, I need help with my alternate picking whilst palm muted, for example stuff like the main Holy wars riff, galloping Maiden esque riffs and long palm muted fast bursts like the start of set the world afire.

Video lessons, text descriptions and general advice will all be great apreciated.
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Not sure..but maybe your alternate picking technique isn't up to snuff?
I really had to pick up my own guitar now to check, but I really don't change my technique when i palm mute my alt. picking and when I'm not palm muting much.
All I do is lower my hand so it touches the strings slightly.
Maybe you should try to un-anchor your hand when you are alt. picking? If you anchor it it'll be harder to palm mute on certain strings I'd imagine?

Sorry if my post doesn't make much sense...it's getting late and I'm getting tired.
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This is genuinely the most frustrating thing I have ever encountered.
then you have tons more to encounter. ;D