Hey guys I have a Line 6 spider III 15 watt amp and a Peavey Vandenberg 1st edition guitar handmade in the USA. I was wondering how can I get Slash's tone similar to the one he got on the Appetite for Destruction album. I figure with all the effects the line 6 spider comes with it must be possible to get something similar in sound.
You won't really come close. That tone is a very midrange and treble (not "ice pick in your ear" treble, but somewhat bright) oriented overdrive from a Marshall. The other part of the equation is the set of moderate output humbuckers in his Les Paul. Plus he would often warm up the tone by rolling off the tone knob or flicking to the neck humbucker or both. Besides, it's against the rules to make "what setting?" threads.
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Geez, not this thread again. Don't bother. Just try to find your own tone you like.

Slash's rig for that album costs somewhere around $500, and that could be considered modest. Your cheap digial amp is just not capable of producing that quality of sound.

But that doesn't mean that you can't get good tone out of it. You just have to work on it on your own, and find something that works for you, rather than trying to emulate other people's tone.
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