hi guys i play guitar seinze 1year and a half and i don't learn much songs ... so i wanted to ask u when u was like me how many song did u learned evry week
It's not how many you learn, it's rather how well you learned them if anything.
Learning songs really isn't crucial I think. Main thing is you play music...if you are making up your own melodies that's just as good (or better..) than learning other peoples songs.

That said, I have been playing guitar for several years, and I don't know many (complete) songs at all sadly, just random riffs from loads of songs here and there. But the ones I do know, I know pretty well.
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learn english before learning guitar, it will be more usefull

That was a really useful post, I am sure this really helps this thread.
I am also really shocked how people that come from a country that doesn't have english as its native tongue can't speak/type english fluently. All of them should be banned from the internet. /sarcasm

If you couldn't understand what he was saying with this post, then maybe YOU should try to get better at english.

Oh btw...useful is spelled with one 'L', and punctuation is also pretty nice to get a grip of...
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learn english before learning guitar, it will be more usefull

not if his country doesnt use it. His english was ok any way.

I never learnt many songs, and still dont, I learn a lot of riffs and sections of songs though.

If there is a certain sound I want to achieve but dont know how to use it I will find a song that does use it, and learn the sction with that sound it, as a result learning how they use it.

Learning countless amounts of songs isnt the key.

If you want to write like a certain artist yo can pick up how to do that by just learning a couple of there songs, or bits of there songs.

Learning songs is very help full though.
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guys english is my third language so go easy on me !

THAT guy's a douche. Anyways, I never kept track of it really. In fact, I only learned parts of a song. Couldn't get the solo down.
Learning songs is good, but working on technique and leaning songs which will help that is probably more important.