Hey UG,

So the neck on my Epiphone 400 now has a crack in it. I lost my strap with dunlop straplocks on it so i just borrowed a regular one from our bass player and used it withough any straplocks at all. I was talking to the drummer and had my guitar swung around my back with my arms folded, as I'm used to doing. The strap slipped off and the guitar came diving down and landed on its headstock.

Here's the result



It's kind hard to get a good picture of it.

Either way I don't know if the crack is really deep or not. But since it's along the grain, the tension of the strings is actually pushing the two parts together so I figure it'll hold. I didn't notice any change in the sound to be honest.

My question would be is there anything I can do to make this guitar last as long as possible? Since the neck is set you can't really replace it that easily and I want to keep playing this guitar.
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Go to your local music shop and find out if they can get a luthier take a look at it. Could just be glued back but normally when it goes with the grain your pretty screwed.