hey guys. i made a couple thread about a guy that was selling a few ibanez guitars. well, he sold them before i got my refund check from school -_- so now im looking into a couple other guitars. ive always wanted a les paul/explorer type guitar, so i was looking at one of these




no matter which one i get, im going to replace the tuners at least, possibly pickups later on when i have the money. anyone have comments on any of these three guitars? the reason im going for these is my budget is $250 max and the AL 2000 is right at the limits for me. so which would you guys choose if you were in the same spot? Thanks for any opinions, and lets not be hateful

EDIT: forgot to mention, i threw the 1st one in there cuz im a HUGE Coheed & Cambria fan and i love the explorer Claudio plays, and ive always loved the deep les paul tone. so i would be happy with any of the three i think. and Genres, i play hard rock, like breaking benjamin and chevelle, with some all time low and escape the fate threw in
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Out of those guitars I would say the Agile is the best
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^ +1

Also, the Agile looks much better.
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hmm. i was leaning towards the Agile..i guess i was trying to find a reason to buy the 1st one lol. im a really big fan of explorers. anyone have any negatives to the agiles or the other two besides tuners and pickups?
I'd get the Agile.
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could you please list why you would get the Agile of the others? Im thinking about getting the second one instead of the Agile because it has the LP shape, but its not something anyone around here has, not to mention it has a mahogany neck instead of maple
I'm just a fan of the grain and the finish of the Agile. The other one seems a little more boring to me, but again, all my opinion.

If you like one more than the other, go for it! I don't really know a whole lot about these brands, but hopefully somebody else does.
Warmoth Strat w/ Lace Holy Grails
'07 Roadhouse Strat
Washburn WD-21 all Koa Acoustic
Marshall JCM-2000 TSL-122
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hmmm agile most likely, but personally just save up for a higher end model, it'll be a better investment in the long run surely..?
My advice as well. We also have a large Agile Thread if you wanted to go ask there, link is in the sig.
thanks for all the answers. I dont mind the fact that it is on an epi/squier level. my two main guitars that i love and play constatnly are a schecter damien 6 and an Epi SG G400 Custom. Explorer shape wouldnt be a problem for me. ive borrowed a couple friends LTDs and an epi back in college and i loved them. I WOULD save up and get the 3000/3100 model, but im a full time student and all my money is going towards gas (60 miles a day to get to school and back) and insurance, so this is all im gonna have for awhile to play around with. and im planning upgrades because im not naive and dont expect it to be godlike out of the box. especially the tuners. But thanks to all the replies. any more comments?