You can blame yourself for everything thats ever gone wrong.
Don't strain yourself, you know I'm right but you're so damn gone.
Those ****ing pills control your mind but, Ironically thats exactly what they're meant to do.
Get it straight, your mind could use a ****ing revolution or revelation or realization.

You need an awakening.

Open eyes are the only means of seeing things in a
different light. Don't condescend to their ****ing level.
Disobey, you're misinformed and could be enlightened.
The world doesn't revolve around their system.
Your life doesn't evolve without persistance.

The conciousness tells me that we're all the same
We are all little pawns in the power game.
Our life doesn't matter until we're dead.
Maybe its just the LSD..

I know I'm right, everything plays role in being nothing at all
its all the same - its all made of bullshit.
The best part is; you can be the person you want to be
But being human means that your ego comes first.

Unless you let go.
You need to let go..

You need an awakening.

When will they learn that Love is God, not Jesus Christ?
And who will they burn when the truth comes out and is free to the public?
Its only a dream...
A wise man told me that love comes on a sheet of paper.

I am God. I am Love. You are me. We are Love.
I am God. I am Love. You are me. We are Love.

Wake the **** up!

ESP ltd FX-400
Epiphone les paul jr.

Line 6 spider II combo 30 watt
Krank Rev. Jr. full stack tube.