How do you make the chick-a-chick noise that is like strumming muted?

Example in the Chorus of closing time.
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just hold the strings with your left hand.

^dont turn the volume down
Bar the strings without actually pressing them down on a fret. The easiest way to do it is to just release pressure on the chord your playing (as long as it doesn't contain any open strings).

Muting the strings near the harmonics tends to sound better, so around either the 3rd, 5th or 7th fret is always good I find. Try just strumming muted strings at each, and the 12th fret too, just to hear the (subtle) differences.
I just release the chord a tiny bit so my fingers sit on the strings but don't touch the frets and strum up and down.
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You can mute strings just by pressing your fingers against the strings, but not so hard that they are fretted and play notes.
check this: guitar music
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Yeah you just rest your left hand(fretting hand) over the strings lightly.
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