So, the mother of all beginner lessons: how to hold your guitar.

I've been playing for a while now, and it's going alright, but then I came across this video:


When I play my thumb is very high, and turned about 45 degrees compared to the neck (sometimes less, close to laying along the nack). My palm is gently pushing against the back of the neck most of the time.

From what I can gather watching videos etc, this is obviously all wrong. Personally it's worked for me, but I have noticed problems at times with fingers touching other string etc, so I see why it's not the best way to do it. However, when I try to do it like in the video above, first of all I feel A LOT less comfortable and find it much harder to fret, take chords, anything really. And then my wrist starts hurting tons.

Any advice? Should I just force myself into this new position? Does it matter? I'm not saying I refuse to, I'm glad to practice if it's going to help me. Just wondering what your opinion on this is.
I think it would be best to try and fix it now rather than wait. It would possibly be best just to correct it before it becomes much harder to fix
Well think about it for a second. How is your playing right now? What kind of music do you play? How does it affect you when you're playing standing up? Will it limit you from being better? If it's not getting in the way at all, then there's absolutely no reason to change. If you're looking the next Vai or something, I'd suggest fixing your hand position now, rather than later. I've been playing for 4 years, and I just relearned how to position my hand on the neck, and how to pick. Pain in the ass if you do it later on in playing, but still worth it for what I want play. But ya know what they say. "If it ain't broke, don't fix it."
Well yeah, but I'm not 100% sure what exactly needs fixing. When I hold it like the guy in the video it feels like I can barely move my fingers. Maybe my hands are too big? :P

EDIT: To the second reply: I'd rather do what's best for my playing and my progress. As I said I have been noticing issues with accidentally muting strings etc.
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After looking into it I've realised that I'm using the so called "baseball-position".

The general concesus seems to be that it has a negative impact on playing.
i was a classical guitar major at the university of akron. great music school. this is how u are supposed to hold a guitar (dont bother arguing with me hold it however the **** u want.)

for a right hander

-Your left foot should be elevated. They sell foot stools for this. The case of the guitar is a great substitute.

-3 points of the guitar body touch on your chest inner thigh of right leg and top of left leg.

-the guitar should be stable enough that you can move your freting hand (left) freely on the neck and remove both hands completely without the neck or guitar moving at all.

-back straight, head straight up looking at your music straight a head.


this is the best way to hold it (even though u look like a stuck up rich kid) because the neck is so stable and doesnt move. I even play this way with my electric. another good reason to hold it this way is because when you stand up to play, this position is a lot closer to how you would hold the guitar had been standing so one feels more comfortable standing after playing this way.
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