I have made a legacy of threads concerning my Ibanez S670 (ZR Trem) and its terrible intonation on the high e string. I have recieved insufficient information on what can fix it. This is my final post to solve this issue.
I fixed the intonation on my Ibanez S670 with ZR Trem a couple of months ago. However, the only string that I had difficulty with was the high E. When testing the harmonic on the 12th fret, the note was perfect. But when I fretted the note, the E was about 3/8 step flat. (3/8 because it was a little past 1/4 flat so I'm just going to say 3/8) Now as I understand, the trem saddle should be moved closer to the neck. I moved the saddle up, it still wasn't accurate. So I moved it up more, still wasn't accurate. Finally I moved the saddle as far towards the neck as I could, still 3/8 flat. In one of my previous posts the question of trem angle came up so I double checked the trem angle and checked intonation again, STILL 3/8 OFF!!! If this thread is unsuccessful, I will k*ll myself. No I won't. I'll just succumb to bringing it in to a local music store and getting it set up "professionally." Experience with ZR trem isn't necessary, just trem intonation experience. I am desperately asking you UG.com users for help. Call yo children, call yo husbands, call yo wives, call anyone because I need all the help I can get.
Is the action too high? (The bridge) Because if it is, the string is being pulled back there.
The Intonation on the ZR is a losing battle.

Trust me.
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Kortez and Finland I will look into those, seeing that this thread is about to be moved off the home page. But what is a pitty bump?Pity bump? Is that an insult of me being a newb or something? I'm really not offended but I'm kinda curious.
Might be your choice of string gauge. I play with 10's, but it came with 9's. When one broke, i put the 10's on and left the intonation what it was until it started to annoy me.
I then gave the thing a little spin and now the intonation is pitch perfect.

Propably a once-in-a-10000 thing.