does anybody now a cheap Guitar that looks/sounds like the Martin D-18E played by Nirvana Frontman Kurt Cobain at the MTV Unplugged in New York?

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Martin Dreadnaughts are about the "standard" for a nice instrument of this type, and the D18 is about their cheapest model in their better line.
But there are many nice-sounding dreadnaught- sized guitars around. Go to a good music store and start picking on ones you think you can afford.
probably the closest you'll come is the blueridge br-140, currently on sale at maury's.

you can have a pickup installed either by maury - many to choose from, but a pickup means you can't return it if you don't love it. or you can buy the guitar, and if you love it - and they do sound good - you can have a pickup installed, which won't cost too much.
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Hi, how can I install 2 different pickups parallel if they are both passive or one passive and one active?