Hey all,

I just purchased a Vox Night Train 15w from Craigslist. I only have the head, and now I must find a cab and, just as importantly, a speaker that goes along with it!

As far as the cab goes, I doubt I'll need anything more than a 1x12. I was looking at this one:


I like the look of it, but I'm not sure about this Celestion 70/80 Speaker. I've researched it on the net and people don't seem too impressed. The VOX cab uses a Celestion Greenback, but I've been told to look at Eminence Speakers.

'I play a mix of Jimi Hendrix/Led Zeppelin/Pink Floyd/Black Sabbath/King Crimson ('Red' era) and a bit of Punk/Post Rock like The Stooges/Joy Division/White Stripes. I'm a 70's-style Hard Blues Rocker who takes things to a very dark place occasionally.'

(quote taken from a previous thread)

I'd really appreciate your help here, guys.

-Major Bludd
From a trusted source who would not consider anything but a Greenback, he was impressed with the Warehouse Green Beret.

I have an old 30w Eminence made-for-Sovtek 12" in my ported Sovtek 1x12... dunno about it yet. If I go with something new, I am going with one of the above.

EDIT: http://wgs4.com/content/gb
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I like Eminence speakers for the modern British tone though Celestion Greenback too.
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Hmmm. Traynor's Dark Horse has a Cab with the same Celestion Greenback "12. The difference is that the Traynor Cab looks like a real acb, while the Vox Cab looks like a toy.

I'm off to L&M tomorrow to check this out. I'm hoping that this will be a no-brainer.