Heard this amp on you tube and it sounded pretty good . I would like to try one out but cant even find any dealers let alone where I live (Alberta Canada.) All I see on the website is to order on line or by phone or you could go to the carvin store if your in the california area . How could you buy an amp without hearing it
Carvin sells and ships directly, so you can't go to a GC or whatever and test one out...
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Can you test them in store? I'm going to Disneyland in a few weeks and I see they have a store near there.
The carvin showroom is in san Diego. It will take you with traffic around 2 hrs. to get there. Check the website for business hours. It's a nice showroom. My brother works for carvin.
If you can't, they give you like 10 days to try it out...if you don't like it after 10 days, ship it back, no problems.

If it's ANYTHING like the regular V3, it should be a beast!
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