Hey everyone,

I've been writing songs for maybe 3/4 years now, but something thats always really annoyed me, is my straightforward lyrics. I enjoy listening to bands with unique and complex lyrics, such as The Decemberists and Iron and Wine, and I love analysing the songs, to decipher what the lyricist is trying to say, so it really bugs me, when I can't do the same.

How can I improve my lyrics, so that they are more poetic and flowing, as opposed to a list of things that happened?

This might be a case of practice, but I've been writing a string of lyrically boring songs for too long now, and I think I need some help in finding what to practice, or what to research.

Thanks in advance,

1. Props on The Decemberists

2. Similes, Metaphors, Personification, etc.
( ie. the guitar sang (yes, I know it`s lame, it`s just an example))

3. Use of objects to portray emotion etc.
(ie. using the color black to portray anguish, or using a demon to represent some kind of evil act)

I know this is brief, I am typing this before running out the door. If you need some more, just reply to this asking, or pm me or something.
I'm just like the Jonas Brothers,

I'm no longer relevant and write mediocre music.

read books and poetry

lyrics are basically poems so if you get beetr at writing poems your be better at wrtitting lyrics