I have to use a pick on some songs because of the speed and also sound of the song but when I do the strings are really clicky and rattle alot even when i hold them down really hard and its bugging me because I can play it fine but the rattle ruins the sound is there a way to actually play without that or do I just turn my amp louder or am i strumming wrong.
rattle or buzz?

are you against slightly higher action?

maybe try a different type of pick and/or play softer with it
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That clicky sound seems to be prominent when I use a pick as well. Personally, now being in a tech-death band, I really like the effect along with a mild distortion. You don't tend to notice it too prominently during jams, but it really brings out the guitarists chugging when you harmonize. Although that is not much help if you don't play metal.

But if you want it removed, try and nice thick pick and pick kind of softly. Also, like the other guy said, raise your action. Thicker strings may or may not help too.


If you don't mind a bit of compression, it will help boost and even out your signal, which will make playing softly less of an issue, if it is too quiet.
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If its clanking and clicks thats the problem remove some of your treble, this will also remove some of the fretboard noise, and raise the action a touch. It only needs to be raised a millimetre or so but will make a big difference to the high end of your tone. Using picks will always accentuate the highs in your sound as it increases your attack on the string and you get a less rounded tone then using your fingers.
Others have made great suggestions so I won't copy them and I'll go another direction. Just to give you more options.

It sounds like you dont like using a pick to begin with. Seeing as you started your post with "I have to use a pick", instead of "I get to use a pick". You dont have to do or use anything if you dont want too. There are techniques to get a very similar tone with you fingers/thumb as you can with a pick. And there are techniques to play just as fast with your fingers/thumb as you can with a pick.

Victor Wooten uses the "Double Thumb" technique to replicate the use of a pick. Because he hates to play with a pick, but likes the speed and sound of one. If you use the double thumb and play it closer to the bridge where the strings are tighter and you'll get more treb in your tone. Chances are nobody will ever know you're not using a pick!

Another guy to check out is Rocco Prestia, he is the bassist for Tower of Power and is a master of finger style funk. The man basically plays ghosted 1/16th notes straight for an entire song. I can't imagine you'll be playing 1/32nd notes for an entire song. You may be able to study him, take what he does and make it work for you. If you dont ghost the notes and play near the bridge you'll get a great tone. Which will sound almost identical to a pick. Don't feel like you have to pick just one technique because your playing in a certin genre. Use what you feel most comftorable with, there are ways to make almost any playing style work in any genre!!!

Victor Wooten - Double thumb lesson

Tower of power - what is hip
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Raising your action is the obvious choice but I find it odd that your strings rattle with a pick but when you use your fingers it's fine, due to the direction of attack. You should also record yourself and see how it sounds then. I ended up getting a little obsessive back in my bass playing days about string rattle but on the recordings it sounded fine. Good, even.
I'd say raise the action a little. If that doesn't work then lower the treble. If that STILL doesn't help then switch picks.

hope this helped a bit

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come on.. it will ALWAYS rattle if you dig really deep with your pick and play really hard.. raising the action will also affect playability and raising it ridiculously high will make you uncomfortable when you play fingerstyle.. on the other hand picks+low action is a bad idea.. not to mention that using low tuning will make it more likely to rattle.. ive no idea about your setup but it shouldnt rattle that much with factory setup.. if its really low then raise it a bit.. but before you change your setup id say try playing closer to the bridge and/or less agressively..