Poll: Parker P36 or Laguna LE524
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The Parker!
12 63%
The Laguna!
7 37%
Voters: 19.
Hey guys, name's Rin.
So, Laguna le524 (200 bucks) or Parker P36 (300 bucks)?
If you don't feel like being specific as to why or even making a post on this, just answer the poll.
I'm a gear fanatic who has been gaining knowledge about guitars, but is just learning to play guitar. I want a decent guitar to learn to play on. These two seem like good deals and are appealing to me, aesthetically, although in different ways, and quality-wise.
I work a minimum wage part time job and getting a good deal is important to me.
Don't worry about how I'm getting a decent guitar when I'm just starting. If I flop out, which I am NOT (that's the attitude, right?), I can always sell it back for the same price if not more. I flip a lot of products through craigslist and ebay for profit.
Anyway, I'm not really a fan of classic rock, jazz, blues, or country, but I am of just about everything else.
Some music groups I idolize include HEALTH, Anamanaguchi, Two Door Cinema Club, Blink 182, Angels and Airwaves, Electric Six, HORSE the band, and Death From Above 1979 (although really, that's bass).
Initially I saw nothing but good stuff about double locking systems but now I'm getting mixed opinions, and the Laguna has that.

Anyway, which would you get given any or all of these things? Why? Why not the other? Do you adamantly suggest some alternative to either? Should I try to get a better deal on one?
Any feedback you can give is greatly appreciated guys.
Also, I'm sorry if I broke some protocol in how I posted this or the content within, I'm just in a bit of a rush, about to go see HORSE and at the same time I'd like to figure out which one I wanna get fairly soon, buyers are waitin' on me.
Just from my friend's advice, Laguna is a fantastic name for guitars in general, and for the double locking bit, don't worry about it, it's a pain to tune, but whatever, just keep it in standard or drop d or something, you'd be fine.
You like Electric Six too? High five.

I wouldn't use the Laguna for that stuff. It's kind of a generic, vaguely-metally guitar. I'd get the P36 any day, because Parkers feel amazing and Telecaster pickups are great for your style of music. The QC for Parker is also way better.
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I've heard Laguna's entry level guitars are pretty bad.

I also wouldn't get a tremolo at all for a first guitar, but if you're going to get one, at least get a vintage style. Double locking tremolos are a pain in the ass if you don't know what you're doing, and low quality ones are not only annoying, but they're counter-intuitive. They don't just get in the way, they ruin the playing experience by constantly getting out of tune.

Were I you, I would go used for a guitar. You'd get much better value. I'd probably choose a Squier Classic Vibe strat.

Also, a poll in EG is a bad idea. A lot of people don't know what they're talking about. I'd focus on the comments and look for comments that make sense rather than counting on the masses to know what they're talking about.

EDIT: I meant the Classic Vibe Tele, but they'd both get the job done. Look on eBay or Craigslist.
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Replies already, awesome.yeah, I'm definitely listening more to comments than poll, but what the heck.
I'm going used. I don't think I could regularly get that Parker for even double the amount it would cost me. If I went for a new one that is.
Yeah, I was wondering what store you bought at or if Parker had introduced a new entry line of guitars

Parkers are great. Make sure the neck is comfortable for you. The Classic Vibe Tele neck is pretty comfortable for most, so check that out too. You can probably get it used for about $200.
i think for that money you will be better off looking into the 2nd hand market. Get something with a tune-o-matic or through body style bridge rather than a floyd type setup. The laguna LE200 has a through body design if you want to buy new though. Id just really stress a floyd is a difficult thing to deal with on a guitar when changing strings and setting up for different tuning etc.
I am in the second hand market.

Also, the guitarist for HORSE, as I learned last night, has started playing on a parker. A sign perhaps.
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ive heard parkers asian entry line were actually nice stuff. given thier name and rep i would believe it. at worst, it cant be as bad as most entree level garbage.
Well so much for that... Was gonna definitely go for the parker but after a day and a half of ignoring my email the craigslist ad has been removed.