I really dig your tone in the clean parts, including the one slow distorted melody riff in one of them. Are you "double tracking" the distorted guitars, meaning panning one hard left and one hard right, and performing the song twice? I really can't tell if you have or not, but I'm going to venture a guess and say you didn't - don't quote me on it, but it sounds like it's been through a "pseudo-doubling process" that involves weird phasing... I'm hearing some odd phase in the distorted guitars.

Either way, I like the song... you should just double-track the distorted guitars; if they're already doubled, then I'd look into making sure the phase and levels of each are correct. Maybe turn down the treble in them just a tiny tiny bit. The drums sound good for the song too.

If you're C4C, check my UG profile for two songs I've uploaded recently. Be warned, it's metal, so you may not be into it. If not, no prob. All in all, your song structure is solid and I'd still listen to it even if you made zero changes.
This was really good. I could tell that it was original. It had a rather dark feel to it and you did an excellent job with dynamics.


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