I've been looking for new pick ups for my Schecter PT Fastback. I've been drawn to 2 combinations Seymour Duncan Sh-2n and a Sh-4 JB and Sh-2n and Sh-5 Custom. This choice was made by reading around the web and watching videos on YouTube. I am interested in one that i can get tone like Foo Fighters, Alice in Chains, Alter Bridge and Seether. But I don't know much about pick ups since I've only used the ones that came with the guitars I've owned. So if there's anything i need to know or you would recommend is much appreciated.
Have you installed pickups before? You'll need a soldering iron and some practice using it. Plus make sure you check the spacing on the pickups. Looking at your choices though it doesn't look like you'll have a problem. The ones you've chosen are all trembuckers and will probably match the spacing on your schecter. For future reference spacing refers to the distance between the pole-pieces and there are two major types: f-spaced (also called trembuckers by SD, used for trems) and regular spaced (used on most hardtails)

Also all future questions regarding pickup choice go in the pickup thread (stickied at the top of the page).
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