Hey guys. A few weeks ago I injured my neck while working out in the gym. It caused a few days of missed practice, and some discomfort while practicing. But I immediately noticed I had lost a considerable amount of left hand and right hand synchronization when I was able to practice again. What would be fairly easy riffs or stuff i had practiced into the ground suddenly became impossible for me to play, no matter how hard I tried, I could not get the picking in sync with the fingering at a normal tempo, only at extremely slow speeds, and whats weird, really high speeds, could I get it back together.

What I am wondering is, has anyone else experienced this phenomena? An injury causing a lack of coordination? And if so, what exercises did you use to get it back together? its been a few weeks and I'm still not fully back. Or is it going to be one of those wait it out injuries?
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Yeah, I broke my pinky once and noticed i had a hard time manuvering. Especially pulloffs.....HAHA

But seriously I would recommend doing finger exercises for the LH, and metronome practices for RH. Practice for hours on end. Who knows? Maybe you're just getting rusty.

But seriously, you may have to design a recovery program for yourself and take a few steps back and see where you 'can't' (keyword) get to and what you 'are' (keyword also) able to play. Sort of like physical therapy but for guitar playing. I had to do that when I got a concussion and forgot a thing or two.
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I had something similar like this after I had neck problems.

Basically I just kept playing even though I knew I was sloppy and I got 'back into shape' eventually.

So yea, pretty much a wait it out thing.
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