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How many amps have you bought online without trying them? Tried in store, bought used online? Played a friends, ordered new online? Let's hear some stories!

Peavey 5150 -Never tried it. Bought used, $600 w/ Marshall JCM 900 1960A 4x12 (OMG deal)

Mesa Boogie DC-5 combo - Never tried it. Bought used online, $650

Carvin V3 212 combo w/ v30's - Never tried it. Bought used online, $750

Cornford MK50H - Never tried it. Bought used online, $2300 w/ matching cab.

Blackheart Little Giant - Never tried it. Traded for a used one locally.

JCA20H - Never tried it. Traded for a used one locally.

JCA50H - Never tried it. Bought new, $430.
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I bought a Marshall Dsl 401, ex demo from da interwebz because it was Marshall and I was a noob. Then bought a Laney LV300 - also because I was a noob. Most of my gear decisions have been noobish really....
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None actually, not sure why. Much safer to buy an amp without trying than it is to buy a guitar without trying imo...yet I have purchased guitars without trying.
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the only ones i tried out were my peavey xxx and my mesa lonestar
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ordered my splawn nitro without playing it cus no one had one around and its bad ass as hell
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All three amps I've bought without trying.

My first upgrade was to a Roland Cube 30X.

Then I got a Crate V50 used off Craigslist in a trade for an acoustic.

Then I bought my Blackstar HT-5 without trying it as well.

All based off suggestions from here, and I've never been disappointed.
The JCA100H, it's on the way now, just ordered it yesterday. I've loved what I've heard on youtube and from the demos on there. This will be my first tubed amp so I'm excited none the less.
As a noob I've been pretty pleased with what I've gotten for my money. I recently found a Line 6 Spider III 150 (2x12) for $300 on craigslist. Technically, I did get to hear it but it was mostly assurance that it was in good working order. I love it though. It's got great sound even at higher levels. Suits my needs very well.

When I found it I'd been considering that entry-level Marshall solid state MG4 half stack just because it's Marshall. I saved $300 getting the line 6. When I'm ready for Marshall I'll get tubes.
I didn't have to try to buy any of them, all were bought over the interwebz which = zero effort needed
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My randall G3. Didnt even work when i brought it.

however now its fixed i love it

also my fender FM100 (fail) and my Laney GH120 (only £90 so i took the risk) i didnt try. Liked the laney, the fender failed (the clean was nice, but i just ran my multi-fx through it for years as the "drive" channels sucked)
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None as of yet but as I start buying higher end gear i'm going to have to buy without trying first like a VHT Pittbull CL/50 for instance but I already know it has the tone and features i'm after
I've only bought one amp without trying, which is my ValvePower 18w
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almost all of them.

Mesa Recto
Splawn Nitro
Egnater tweaker
framus cobra
I never buy any piece of equipment without trying it, first. All amps are not created equal, and there are significant differences between two amps of the same make, model, and even year. I always have to try an amp completely undisturbed for fifteen minutes to a half hour before I know whether or not it's what I want. I will also try every amp in a store (including ones that are still in the box) before I make my decision.
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other than a couple of pawn shop cheapies i haven't. i really prefer to try the equipment out before i buy as i need to know whether it will suite my playing or not. many things sound good on paper but until you try one yourself you can't be sure. i suppose if i had tried the same make and model of an amp already i would consider ordering one off line figuring i knew what i was getting into.
Technically only one... the Super Champ XD. MF had a Fender Friday sale for $210 incl footswitch shipped. Took a chance and it's one of my favorite amps. Other amps I bought on CL I only tried it to determine the condition, not so much to see if I like it. Those would be a Classic 30, Pro Jr, Laney LC15, 67 Gibson Hawk, Pathfinder 15, Crate VC50 and a VC20.

engl savage se
laney gh50l

(though i had tried other engl and laney models, so I wasn't buying completely blind)

18 watt clone
vht special 6
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my randall g3. impulse buy from musicians friend

she is gone the cold hands of guitar center.
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My Laney LC15 (which was a major upgrade and the best possible option in my price range at the time).
And my Cornford Roadhouse 30. But the reputation alone for this amp sold me!
Plus they're not exactly available in many shops to try out!
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None as of yet but as I start buying higher end gear i'm going to have to buy without trying first like a VHT Pittbull CL/50 for instance but I already know it has the tone and features i'm after

Don't be so sure, I played the pitbull cl100, and found It's tone wasn't for me.

Every amp i've ever bought, I played first.
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I did´nt have to test these amps, when you know what your getting is one of these

and my Stiletto Ace.
My Pignose G40v was bought online, I loved it. I heard one being played by someone, but never played on it myself.
Bought a Fender Frontman 15 without playing it because my parents were in a rush to get the hell out of guitar center with my first electric rig

Bought a Valve King 50w without trying it (although I did try a 100w for about 2 minutes beforehand) because the speaker was torn. I got a discount and got the amp and a new speaker for the regular price of a used VK.
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Tried 'em all.
Ended up buying my Valveking over the Internet due to it being €100 cheaper than at the store. Including shipping costs.
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I bought my Jet City without trying it in person. Though I did listen to several Youtube demos (very few played metal) before getting it, plus I've played through a Soldano Hot Rod Avenger (best sounding amp I've played ), which has a similar (almost exact) circuit to the JCA100h, long before buying my Jet City.

Whenever I buy any piece of guitar gear, I ALWAYS listen to sound clips or watch Youtube videos of whatever I plan to buy if I am unable to play it in person (amps, pedals, pickups, speakers, etc). I live in the middle of nowhere with limited access to quality equipment. My local music store only stocks Crate and Behringer (no Bugera) amplifiers and ripoff-brand guitars, the nearest music store that carries name brand gear is 1.5 hours away, and the nearest Guitar Center is 4 hours away. I don't get to try out stuff easily.
I haven't tried many personally as I usually buy online. But I always try the same model at a shop or something before ordering. Im not exactly sure what you meant by the thread title as it could have two different meanings.
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Three. My crate v18, HT-5, and Peavey VTM60.
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Don't be so sure, I played the pitbull cl100, and found It's tone wasn't for me.

Every amp i've ever bought, I played first.

Yeah after doing some research and talking to people who have played them including Derek i've decided i'm going to take a gamble, besides if we only bought things available in stores down here we could try first we'd be stuck with Spiders, DSL's, Blackstars and nothing else
Both of mine if we're being strict.

I'd played a Hellcat combo in a music shop (it was already sold) and loved it. I decided it was the amp I wanted, and began saving for it. When it came time to buy, I found the head and 2x12 cab for less than the price of the combo, so I went with it. I wasn't disappointed.

I'd also played a Harlequin (which I loved), and I bought the Carrera knowing it was essentially a Harlequin with more features. Again, I was not disappointed.
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