I've got big plans for one of my guitars:

- replacing grover tuners with sperzel locking tuners
- internal shielding of the guitar
- complete rewiring for passives + coil splitting
- replacing EMGs with 2 passives
- fixing loose jack
- fixing loose straplocks

I will be supplying the tuners and pickups, so how much would the actual refitting cost? I found a luthier nearby, and I'd like to know reasonable prices before talking to him so I don't get ripped off.
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do it yourself all of it is easy
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do it yourself all of it is easy

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ou can do all of that yourslf fairley easily
the straplock and jack just need to fill the holes and redrill

seymore duncan has wiring diagrams to do that

replacing tuners isnt too difficult

and to sheild it you could buy copper tape
If you have to ask, then you're better off saving the money and doing it yourself.

In America, hiring a luthier to do all that could be several hundred dollars--don't know about where you are.

The other guys are right; this isn't hard and even if you don't have a soldering iron right now, buying a good one will cost a lot less than paying someone else to do all this.
For the straplock, just stick a toothpick in the hole and put the screw back in. If that's too tight, then split the toothpick in half, or shave it down.
Well, perhaps I can do the tuners and the straplocks myself then. Not so sure about the shielding and rewiring though, I want it done well. Right now its a sloppy mess and the sound cuts out every now and then.

I have the money, I'm just a total disaster with a soldering iron
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Shielding is really easy, too. Just get the tape, lay it in there, and make sure every piece is soldered together. Check your work with a meter.

As for the rest of the soldering, everybody starts somewhere. You probably didn't just pick up the guitar and start shredding--it took some practice.

So if you buy the wiring (no idea where to get that where you live), buy some extra and practice with it until you're comfortable. It's a lot easier and faster to learn than playing the guitar.

Nobody cares about your gear as much as you do, so with some practice, you can do a better job than most folks you'd pay would bother with.

Good luck!