Anyone here used one of these before? Opinions? Warnings?
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Don't try to use it underwater...?
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doesn't have phantom power. if you want to mic something up then you might as well get phantom power in case you wish to record with a condenser mic. even if you don't want to now, you never know when that might change. so it'd be worth the extra money so you don't have to upgrade your interface.

the UX-2 isn't much more and has a phantom power.

but, the UXs don't have the best mic pre-amps. they'll get the job done but you could do better for the price.

Get something like a Presonus Audiobox. It's about the exact same price.

If you wanted Pod Farm, then do this instead:
Free and sounds better than Pod Farm.
I have a UX2. It gets a wide variety of decent/good tones if you tweak them a bit. Haven't used the mic inputs yet but as technicolor mentioned above, I've heard it's ok.

That being said I'm satisfied with mine, no regrets so far.
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I recommend the UX2 as well, just in case you'd ever need more inputs.

Also, I highly recommend pod farm as well. I have the metal shop pack, but I use the Solo 100 model (comes stock) a lot with a TS in front and an impulse - sounds great.