I have been playing guitar for about a year seriously and I know alot of songs. I play incubus, trivium, breaking benjamin, system of a down, etc. I have been wanting to learn some classical music but Im not sure what to start with. I want to play something that sounds nice without my amp. Please I would greatly appreciate any suggestions. Also I was wondering wheres a good place to learn theory I just dont get it yet:/ like kinda?? idk :p im self taught. any contribution would be very appreciated.
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i like these guys. they mix playing with theory, tab and video lessons. they are owned by the same folks who own freedrumlessons.com, which is where i started out learning drums.
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i would say to start maybe try music that has a classical feel to it but not classical per say, like have you done fingerpicking etc? A challenging song is Mood For a DAy by Yes. Horizons by genesis was one of the "classical ish" songs i learned.
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Bourree in E minor by Bach is a nice beginning piece that should be easy to find tab for. Also, "Dee" by Randy Rhoads (from Ozzy's Bizzard of Oz) is a good tune to start with, mainly because it's short.