I want to learn guitar . But Don't Know Who is best for me Electric/Acoustic . I love both of them . i am beginner . please tell me best guitar for beginners . .
a. dont bold the whole thing, completely misses the point in putting bold
b. what type of music do you like/want to play
c. what budget are you looking at
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My vote goes acoustic if you love both.
Acoustic is generally harder to play (strings thicker, thus tighter, and action is often a bit higher).
Yeah this sounds contradictory...but then when you pick up the electric after having cut your teeth on the acoustic, it'll seem much easier.

That's just my opinion though, others may differ
after 1-2 years , if i want to go for electric , am i able to play It ??
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after 1-2 years , if i want to go for electric , am i able to play It ??

you shouldn't have a problem, the only problem I've ever seen with this is, sometimes those who start on acoustic slightly bend the strings on the elecrtic because they are pushing too hard, but thats is usually fixed after a couple of times using electric...
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