Currently i'm playing in drop B using Ernie ball not even slinky strings 0.12 -0.56, and i'm looking at dropping again to drop A but these strings turn to noodles. i was wondering if any of you guys/gals had any advice on what heavier gauge strings i could use.

cheers Lee
the d'addario ej21's are a 12-52 set with a wound 3rd. they drop to A just fine. i dont think ernie ball has anything with a wound 3rd, but thats besides the point.lol!
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I use open B tuning with medium gauge strings and still sounds fine but a heavy string or even a baritone string gauge is more suitable for a tuning that low.
I like D'Addario Prosteel Light Jazz 12-52 or DR String Deep Drop Tuning 10-60
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A 56 should be fine on the low A. If you like your strings super tight, try to find a 58 or a 60 I guess.
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I just tuned my Epi LP a few days ago to drop A for The Messenger by Thrice. Hilarious flop w/ 10-48s. I'd say grab a set of 13s
I use the D'addario 56-13 for A# on my guitar and its pretty tight however you'll probably need the Ernie ball baritone strings, they're the heaviest strings you can buy

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