hi guys any one of u can play this song ? (Im Alright) if yes i have a question do u play it with down strokes or with alt picking... cuz i want to learn it and i play evvvvvvvvrything with alt picking and it doesn't seam to work with it cuz i make a lot of mestakes ... so the problem is in my alt picking tecknique and i should practice it more ???
or this song can only be played with simple down strokes thx
Alternate picking. Yes. Although if I remember correctly there is a sweeping part, at least in some of the versions, but don't worry about that for a while..

Just pick a very short segment of the piece and learn to play it and watch your right hand closely making sure theres only just enough movement. If there is a string skipping part as a problem you can just take like 2-5 notes and practice them over and over again (without left hand or with, but if you play with you need to relax that too.), slow at first, but later try to burst a little and slow down again. Make sure every note is clean and your hand is relaxed..

After the right hand is done concentrate on the left (no need to even pick at first), and after that start concentrating on both and slowly add up the speed, very slowly and relaxed. (With a try of a little faster play here and there.)
I use alternate picking, but all of that string skipping can be a real pain. Just practice slowly.
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