There was just a celebration in the last Guitar World for Robert Johnson's 100th birthday. They only mentioned Son House once. Thoroughly depressing. I ****ing love this guy, ever since I saw It Might Get Loud. He just does such a wonderful job with everything.
"Don't you mind, people grinnin', in your face..."

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Son House was the real deal. I've heard that he and Robert Johnson knew one another and that Son House had given Robert shit; something like, "Boy, you know you don't know how to play no kind of guitar". I guess Robert came back after a time and showed Son that he had learned a few things...

Either way, Robert Johnson looked up to Son House at some point. His name should forever echo down the halls of the Blues.

I really like "Preachin' Blues", "Grinnin' In Your Face", "Death Letter", and "Levee Camp Moan".
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