New track! On my profile.

Kinda going for that raw, black metal mix with the sound. Song isn't trad by any means, if you like that then watch this space.

Me on guitars and backing vocals, two mates on drums and lead vocals.

Will do C4C, really appreciate feedback
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i think i would call this melodic death metal. the vocals sounded black metal though.

my favorite part was the chorus - the progression has that really pleasant kind of slightly unexpected change (the second half of the riff). the vocals were quite good, and the sampled talking lines (were they taken from something?) were woven in professionally.

the overall sound was working for me as well. i was about to say that the snare could be made punchier or somehow sharper, but listening to it more, it seems to sound fine.
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Solid tune!

Playing: The vocals are the first thing that stood out to me as VERY well done. In the scope of black metal, your vocalist (if it's not you) is right where he needs to be. They have all the grittiness and croaky-ness that black metal calls for, while still being clear and easy to understand. The fact that I could make out the lyrics really appeals to me. Guitar playing is good, riffs don't sound too difficult, aside from the one in the pre-chorus. That's a nice lick! Drumming is tight on the kick drum, aside from the kick-work, not too dynamic though. Needs more fills! Some of the fills in the verses and the intro are really tasteful, though, so props to your drummer for that.

Songwriting: Pretty well-written. Doesn't seem like black metal to me though, aside from the vocals (and production ). I think the song could go without the clean break and the SUPER cliche rain sample. The "Verum Ne" section stands out to me, and I like the keys that come in during that part. The transition from it into the chorus is pretty awkward, though.

Production: The kick drum sounds awesome, especially for one that was recorded analog (unless it wasn't). Cymbals are way too loud though. Guitars are far too soft, and need to be layered more. There should be some sort of contrasting melody here, but I'll let you decide if the song actually calls for it or not. The bass, as far as I can tell, is non-existent, though that can be seen as par for the course for the genre . The vocals are nice and clear, and are a little bit on the loud side, but it's not terrible. They stand out in the overall mix, which is nice. Hard to tell what to do with the vocals without fixing the guitars and cymbals first, though.

Overall, a solid tune, and I went back a few times and listened to it again because I dug it. Nothing unique about it, but it's not way too generic either.

My track can be C4C'd here . Again, nice work!
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The vocals were very spot on for black metal, but as for the main rhythm, I didn't hear much black metal going on there. The ambient section of the song is pretty wicked man (In a good way) I'd add some slight compression to the vocals. But I am glad that you were able to keep the vocals clear. Even though the last part if i heard right, completely went against what I believe. :/
Each to his own I guess.

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Got to agree with what everyone's saying here, this sounds nice, kinda melodic death metal style going on. Playing is tight, and the production is fairly tight too. While there are a few problems, they wouldn't take much to solve as everything has been recorded -very- well.

For me, EQ would be the way forward for most of the problems Spoony highlighted above.

First of all, the cymbals. I'd suggest using a low shelf all the way up at about 3kHz or even higher, and bringing it down 6dB or more. This should get rid of the 'bwooshiness.' If you had a separate mic on the china, maybe leave some lower mids in that though, as that seems to what gives it it's unique character.

I would bring the overall level on your overheads down a little bit too, probably.

The guitars could stand to gain a little in the mids, although the EQ on the cymbals should already be helping them to stand out a bit more. Just use a bell curve and try adding frequencies from about 700Hz-4k, eventually this will make the sound a bit harsh though, so be careful. Experiment with different Q and Frequencies until you get a sound you like that cuts through more.

I would suggest panning them a little harder L and R, but that's more a matter of preference. It should just give them a bit more space and let the bass breathe more.

By the way, Nice job on 'Neon,' the production on that sounds very sweet indeed! Quite 'live' but very tight.
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