Not too much to say here, I wrote this in one sleepless night.

Enjoy, and as always, if you leave a helpful comment and link to something of yours, I'll crit it. Your length=My length.

Please, comment!
Surmounting the Gate.gp5
Surmounting the Gate.mid
This is amazing, you've given me my inspiration for the day. If I get my band together and do another show, I may use this as an intro because it's so epic. I will give you credit of course. No real complaints, only I wish there was more.
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This is amazing, you've given me my inspiration for the day. If I get my band together and do another show, I may use this as an intro because it's so epic. I will give you credit of course. No real complaints, only I wish there was more.

I'd be honored, haha. I'm glad you like it!
First off, thanks for the crit. Critting this in return now:

Sounds like music to the game The Legend of Kyrandia: The Hands of Fate (especially the intro). It's hard to give a detailed crit when it all works so well. However I think it dragged on a bit since all of the parts were quite similar. Especially the buildup part got old after a while and there was no single melody that got stuck in my head after listening to it. I think it needs a change somewhere around the middle with silence and a middle theme to break it up a little. I couldn't see this work for anything other than video game music really. It would maybe work for power metal if it was changed up a bit and guitars were added. Solid job though, but I've heard so many orchestral and epic songs posted on this forum that it's hard to wow me anymore, haha.
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Dude that's feaking sweet. This should fit well into some role-playing game like Skyrim. Some parts were epic.

When you create instrumental songs on GP, do you just improvise on some scal? or you play it on real keyboard guitar first?

I need you to crit mine here please

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I love stuff like this. Much better than all the metal stuff. It all works very well. As some guy said, very hard to crit. I like how it's all midi, firstly. The pizzicato melody works beautifully and is deceptively simple. This is definitely an epic piece that sounds like it's straight off of an RPG video game. The drums just work amazingly. I love what you've done with them in the Ostinato Returns section.

One thing that works seamlessly is the METUUUUHL section. Wow. The melodies here just work so well following from the build-up. Honestly, no complaints about this song whatsoever.
Great stuff, although the piece would be very difficult to play due to the accidentals/key coupled with quick phrasing, and the notes above the ledgar lines. Albeit I don't know the octave range of an Oboe, but I do play clarinet, and anything above A over the Ledgar lines is extremely difficult. Bar 26, that phrase that ends on high A, thats probably whats making me doubt the playability of this piece. Likewise with bar 88. But that aside, you may be a proffessional composer, and Im talking out of my ass from my limited Orchestral experience, but anyway...

Very awesome stuff though, and I could definately see this in an RPG such as The Elder Scrolls series. It also reminds me very much of the music in the first Fable game, which is a massive compliment.

Did you write this using the score, or did you write it from the tablature? Also, I am amazed that you wrote this in a single night. If you can churn out this stuff in a night, you could make some serious money.

You don't have to write as much as I did, but make sure you write something. 16 views and no comments makes me frustrated.

Just thought I'd start off by saying this is a really cool piece. I've played Trumpet for 7 years so I've had plenty of experience playing in Concert Bands/Symphony Orchestras and I know how much effort goes into music which requires a large number of instruments and more complex arrangements than your standard rock/metal. Anyway, onto the crit.

Intro: Fairly standard, nothing wrong here.
Pizzicato Melody: Love the Oboe melody here, sounds very creepy. This would make a great introductory Black Metal piece (Which I notice you seem to write a fair bit of).
Rising Winds: I love how the lower brass and winds make great contrast with each other but gives that "rising" feel as you've so aptly titled. This reminds me of "Those Who Fight" (Piano Version) from the Final Fantasy VII Movie where the bass cleff hand ascends and the treble cleff descends. This is some fantastic work.
Woodwind Melodies: Nice work here too.
Ostinato: Now I can really notice why Metal and Orchestral music interact so well together. I really like the varying degrees of harmony that the strings do. Really cool. Flute makes a great transition.
Tremolo Strings/Bass: Again this reminds me of work from Final Fantasy 7 but the original soundtrack. Particularly the accented part in bar 46. Second half makes excellent contrast to the choppy sounding section with the legato.
Ostinato Returns: Good but I think the Oboe harmony should be diatonic thirds above instead of below. That's my only gripe so far.
Buildup: I'm pretty sure this ia variation on the "Rising Winds" which is good. A very subtle way of bringing an old theme back into the fray.
Metal: Love the use of the 6-4-5 chord progression and melodic control. I think some oblique and contrary motion harmonies would work particularly well here.
Modulate: Love the Oboe once again. However I think it might pose a problem for your Oboe player as that looks rather difficult for a wind instrument.
Post-Climax: Same as above comment. Also love how the Rising Theme comes back.

Overall, you've done a fantastic job, maybe your school band or college or something could play it (Assuming your in that age area).

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